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Gulliver & Me
Adventures Around the World
is a personalized story book that
inspires cultural curiosity and
encourages exploration.
Each customized book features
different destinations depending on
your child’s name, making it a unique
keepsake that is both beautiful
and educational.
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A great introduction to the world we live in. I was in awe when my son shouted out a fact about Argentina when it came up in the news - something he learned from reading this book! My daughter is a bit younger, but is learning how to spell her name with her own personalised copy.
Father of two
This book is an absolute delight! Not only have my grandkids been asking follow-up questions on the book, even I learned a little something from reading it with them.
Grandmother of five
It was a perfect gift for my god children because they each got the same present but it was also unique to each of them! I love seeing them chat about their “travels" with each other. Only issue is they’ve been asking me to take them to these places in real life. Not so easy to fulfil, especially right now.
Godmother of three
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