Gulliver & Me is a personalized story book that inspires cultural curiosity and encourages exploration. Each customized book features different destinations depending on your child’s name, making it a unique keepsake that is both beautiful and educational.
Through our book, we aim to start a conversation with your child, (grandchild, nephew, niece or family friend) about the world that is beyond their everyday lives and prepare them to be global citizens of the world!
Meet Gulliver – An explorer who has travelled to every corner of the world and is a super polygot (someone who speaks a lot of different languages!) She loves playing the bagpipes, riding bulls and is even a master of Kung-Fu!
In this story, she guides your child through the different wonders of the world, introduces them to different people and cultures and shows them how big yet small the world can be. Together, they meet all kinds of people and many that looked quite different. But they learn that inside each and everyone, they are all the same. We love, we live, we eat and sleep and we all have a name!
At every destination, they send home a postcard to remind them of their journey. When they finally return home, the child remembers all the postcards they have sent. As each postcard is uncovered, a surprise awaits - the child realizes that the postcards spell out their name! What a wonderful gift to end their adventure.

And with actual postcards included with each book, it interests children about the postal system too, wherever in the world you may live. Real postcards that can be put up or mailed out, encouraging your child to connect with others and share their journey, making this fictional story come to life!
Every name creates a different journey and encourages children to experience new things and inspires them with different cultures and customs. While LOGAN may travel to Laos, Oman, Greece, Argentina and Nigeria, AMELIA will adventure to Australia, Morocco, Ethiopia, Luxembourg, India and Austria. Even repeated letters in a name will correspond to a destination from our collection, so even PHILLIP will get to go to seven different countries!
Designed for children from 0-8, it is a wonderful “welcoming” book to mark the beginning of a child’s life adventures, or for curious toddlers who enjoy being read to. For older children with a greater understanding, the bite-size facts and other concepts create a base of knowledge that captures the child’s interest and imagination.
So, whether you are a dad or mom, grandma or grandpa, uncle, auntie or family friend, “Gulliver and Me” is a perfect gift for the eager young minds of our future and inspires in them a fascination and curiosity about the world and her people.
We can make books for names between 3 to 12 letters. We request that you use first names or nick names only, as we are not able to provide spaces between names in the book.

Our shortest book (3-letter name) will already be 30 pages long, so there's no need to be envious of long names. For 3 and 4 letter names, we will add a special secret destination to your story, so even if your child has a short name, they will have a chance to visit somewhere that no one else will get to go.
Additional Add-On Items
A Customized World Map Poster with Your Child's Name printed in the title. This standard 50cm x 70cm (approximately 20"x30") poster is a perfect companion to the "Gulliver & Me" story. Printed on Japanese paper material, Ultrayupo, it is curl resistant and water and UV resistant as well. (IKEA has wonderful inexpensive poster frames that fit these posters perfectly)

A Box of 26 A-Z Postcards featuring A-Z destinations from our collection of countries. These beautiful postcards can be framed, pinned up or mailed out. They are perfect to engage your child further on geoliteracy and encourage them to keep connected with those around them by sending mail through the post. The postcards are a standard postcard size and can fit into regular frames. (IKEA has wonderful inexpensive frames that fit these postcards well)