Frequently Asked Questions
Since each book's page length is determined by the letters in the child's name, are there different prices for each book?
No, the price of the book remains the same, no matter how long or short the child's name is. We charge the same for 3-letter-name and 12-letter-name books.
Can I order a poster and/or a box of postcards without ordering a book?
At this time, the posters and postcards can not be ordered separately as they are products to supplement the book.
Can I include more than one name in a book or use both first and last names?
The book is designed for one name only and although you may get more pages if you include the last name, the layout will not be as straightforward with two names, as no spacing is offered.
What if the name I want to use has more than 12 letters?
Unfortunately we will not be able to create a book for names with more than 12 letters at this time.
I’m a teacher, and I would like to order a set for my class, are you able to offer education packages or deals?
Please contact us at to discuss your needs. We will be happy to assist in your planning.
I’m looking to order these for my child’s graduation class / birthday party. Do you offer bulk order discounts?
Please contact us at We offer bulk discounts starting with orders from 15 books.